streda 1. októbra 2014

With all that technology progress we have here new device - Komplete Kontrol S-series from Native Instruments. This is so far the best MIDI keyboard controller for EDM, hip hop and all other musical genres. With direct access to all parameters of specific sound supplied by Native Instruments Komplete package, presets, banks, this little guy is MUST-HAVE tool for any music production.
Semi-weight keyboard mechanics supplied by FATAR with aftertouch in a variable choice of 25,49 or 61 keys turns KOMPLETE into a physical instrument. Intuitive, expressive and inspirational tool for making any kind of music.

streda 26. júna 2013

How you can learn piano fast

Hi guys !

So do you wanna play piano ? Great, so lets get skills, this is the best place where you can start. Let me introduce myself. My name is Mat, and I'm musician for almost 20 years. When I was young I've started to play classical guitar. After few years of playing boring classical music, I put together band, we got a contract  with the major label and so far we've recorded 6 albums, some of them turned into gold and platinum. It was not such a quick success, like you can read here :) It took us nearly 15 years to start to make money with music. But that time it was another age, internet was just about to start, and it was much harder to draw an attention to your music. To make this bio story short :), in my 32 years I found out, that without learning the piano, all my musical knowledge is more or less useless.  Why ? Because nowadays music is mostly done on computers. There are beautiful sound libraries that are ready to use - you can easy make perfect music soundtrack, or just nice sounding soundscapes. Recording drums, the real orchestra, or just swinging gybsy band - it was never easier. Everything is done using MIDI and samples. But to do so, you need to know How to play the piano!

In my case, I wanted to learn piano fast. And I did a small research on the internet, tried several video lessons, and many times was disappointed by offering quality, because some of them were really useless. But after all frustration, I found really cool piano course, very good for beginners, maybe best on the market so far,you can find there best piano books for beginners. Checkout this review and you make decision. Best piano books for beginners.

This piano course offers everything you need, to start to play piano or keyboard in basically no time. It covers all popular styles like pop, blues, jazz, ballads, classical music or even improvisation. It will learn you to play by ear or how to read music and gives you massive tips and right formulas, which help you understand this beautiful instrument. And the best of all is, that they are now offering 50% discount with 60 days money back guaranteed. This is very important, based on my own experience, where once I bought keyboard video lessons, which got very little new information for me and was totally useless. 

Maybe you are wondering, if you are not too old to play piano, or hm...nice, but I dont have any further musical knowledge to start to play it. You know, everything is possible. It is just state of your mind, if you want it or not. You dont need to be virtuose to start to make music full of your inside inspirations. Or just to play for fun in front of your family or on your own party. 
I bet that after watching this course - 200 videos, 500 audio lessons, and 10 ebooks with 600 pages in total, you can start to live from your own music. 

Check out this video, give a try and dont forget to write me here your feedback :) Piano books for beginners

Have a nice day